Calling All Slammers

So now it is time to get your slam on!

Upload your videos to you tube or other hosting site and place link in the comment section of this post. You can also email links to Include a brief plea for why we should select you. We will be selecting eight (8) top slammers based on both technique and character. Have Fun!!!

The winners will be featured in the upcoming documentary “P.O.O.P.” AKA ” The World of Poggz”. The SGF Productions film will feature top slammers from around the world and the 22nd National Championship Competition. Help us remind the world how much they miss the greatest fad of all time. Come be a part of the action!

Hello World!

Well, after years of bold requests from the membership, we finally have an online presence. Welcome to the new online home of Professional Organization Of Poggz. We hope this becomes a viable and busy forum for milk cap enthusiasts worldwide. Twenty Two years ago, when we first dreamed up the first National Championship Competition, no one predicted we would have become so big over night after our fifth national. No one predicted how fast we would fall over night just five years later. But now after twelve lean years the signs are all pointing towards our biggest competition in fourteen years. Who’d a thunk it?

Bobby Milles
Winner of the 1st National Championship Competition
Professional Organization of Poggz
Recently named host of the 22nd National Championship Competition