PR Photo Shoot for 22nd National Championship (Pog) Competition part 1

Home page for the Professional Organization of Poggz (P.O.O.P.).

This video is footage from promotional photo shoot and first encounter of Bobby Milles with the eight contestants which are recognized as the best slammers in the world of Pog and Milk Caps.

Watch submission videos for the contestant at

COMING SOON – P.O.O.P. the Movie
A documentary of the 22nd National Championship Competition

MEET YOUR EIGHT SLAMMERS for the 22nd National Championship Competition:
Nancy Elizabeth: Upper East Side, Manhattan / NYC New York
Lauranne Sue Ellen: South Carolina
Mike Kenmore: Mormon Vampire, Utah
Lisa Mai Mai Kong: Chinatown, NYC New York
Sebastian Sheridan Sheppard: Hamptons Long Island NY
Shoshanna Suzanah Sheppard: Hamptons Long Island NY
Katherine O’Grady: Los Angeles, California
Quinn Flynn Bartow: Long Island NY